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If you are reaching out about an emergent situation or crisis that requires immediate attention, please phone us at 780-909-2594

Crisis Communications & Reputation Management

We support organizations of all sizes through crises of all sorts, working with them on issues management, reputation management, risk communications, and crisis communications. The success of your community through a major event relies heavily on successful communications. Providing real-time support throughout a crisis (24/7), we help organizations in a manner that suits the specifics of their needs.


We have worked with organizations through large-scale natural disasters, including major wildfire and flood events that resulted in community evacuations, as well as tornadoes, earthquakes, and even a toxic smoke cloud making its way through town.


Looking at social crises, we have supported organizations through widespread misinformation campaigns, organized ideological attacks on the good governance and effective service delivery, Council Meeting hi-jacking, employee fraud, ransomware attacks, and more.

What Our Crisis Clients Say 

"I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for the expertise and guidance provided by Catalyst Communications during our recent emergency situations to support our internal communications professional. When our organization faced sudden and highly sensitive crises, we felt a bit overwhelmed about how to effectively communicate with our residents, businesses, and the media… Ben’s calm demeanour and quick understanding of our situation reassured us that we were in capable hands. His knowledge in navigating delicate and challenging situations enabled us to effectively manage the crisis with minimal negative impact on the Town’s reputation… The peace of mind, expert guidance and positive outcomes that Catalyst Communications brought to the table was priceless."

Christine Beveridge, Town of Edson

(Crisis Communication)

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