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More About Us

Our Mission

Catalyst Communications stands out as an expert in the communications field, helping organizations grow their internal capacity, while setting them up for success by exceeding expectations in specialized areas of communications, providing value beyond the constraints of individual projects, and driving short-term excellence and long-term sustainability.

Our Values

Integrity: We dedicate ourselves to each project and client in full, with an open mind, respectful practices, honesty, and transparency in all that we do.


Value: We strive to always provide value beyond the core scope of deliverables, sharing knowledge and providing support where we can, while building a relationship with clients that extends beyond the constraints of any one project.


Innovation: We push the boundaries to inject new ideas into our thinking and our processes, constantly adapting and evolving, while seeking the best solutions to all challenges that arise. 


Diversity: We believe in diversity of opinion, identity, experience, and thought, recognizing that good ideas are not exclusive to any one group. We actively strive for inclusive behaviours across our company, through our work, and with our clients.

Meet Our President

Following an award-winning career in media, Benjamin Proulx shifted his focus to the field of communications, specializing in local government, while working as an external advisor to organizations in the public, private, and non-profit spheres. His dynamic experienced of having worked in various areas of communications (including media relations, crisis communications, communications planning, corporate communications, and stakeholder engagement, among others) results in a unique and bold approach to all processes undertaken.

"Communications impact every aspect of your organization, internally and externally. They impact how your organization is perceived. They impact your internal culture. They impact the success of every operation, initiative, service, and program." 

                                                                                                                   - Ben Proulx

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