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How We Help

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Workshop & Training

We deliver engaging and innovative workshops and training opportunities for Councils, Senior Leadership Teams, Communications Departments, and others working in local government.

Crisis Communications & Reputation Management

We support organizations through crises of all sorts, ranging from large-scale natural disasters and community evacuations, to social crises, such as employee fraud and misinformation, amongst others.

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Public Engagement

We work with you to design and execute public engagement through our ‘Engagement with Intent’ framework, ensuring that residents are brought into the conversation and that their input is valuable in the decision-making process. This includes engagement surrounding contentious issues.

Fractional Communications Department

Our team of qualified, experienced communicators would be happy to work with your organization in the capacity of Fractional Communications Department, managing your organization’s communications and telling your story, aligned with your organization’s needs.

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Strategy Development

We are proud to be asked to support organizations in strategy development across departments, and throughout the organization as a whole. This ranges from developing organizational plans (including comms plans), to finding innovative solutions to local government problems. 

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