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Stakeholder Engagement

We love working with organizations on external and internal engagement processes! Using tried and true engagement processes, combined with innovation and efficiencies where appropriate, we design and execute stakeholder engagement in a way that provides you with actionable, valuable information. This means your engagement efforts are more than just an exercise — that they aren’t just performative. Engagement for engagement’s sake is a waste of everyone’s time and money. 


Our engagement processes include:


  • Planning and design

  • Facilitation and execution

  • Reporting and evaluating


We are happy to work together in whatever capacity your organization requires. There are times at which it makes sense for us to take on the stakeholder engagement process from start to finish, as an impartial, fully-objective third party. There are other times at which it’s smart for you to handle your own engagement, putting yourself in front of stakeholders and consulting with them directly, with our assistance as a process advisor. Regardless of the extent of our involvement, we are happy to work with you in a manner that best serves your organization and your stakeholders.

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